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Our Learning Experience Team has been hard at work creating our ground-breaking curricula and courses geared towards the tertiary education sector.  In our pursuit of preparing the youth for the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4iR) it has become clear that we could not stop at high school level but had to continue supporting our youth and young adults, post their matriculation. 

Due to popular demand, our initial courses will focus on the agricultural  and educational sectors. 

In collaboration with key players in the agricultural industry, we are in the final phase of developing the Inspire Agricultural Drone Technology course which consists of nine modules, covering topics from air law to NDVI mapping and analysis.  

The skills and knowledge taught will empower farmers to utilise drone and supporting technologies to increase their efficiency, production and effectiveness across a range of farming methods.  These courses will be available on the Inspire Campus in early 2023. 

Our interaction with various teaching colleges and universities has led to the development of a 4iR-orientated STEAM course for student teachers.  Topics covered include Coding, Robotics, Drones and 3D Printing. These courses will be available in the second semester next year at various educational colleges and universities as micro courses that form part of mainstream teaching diploma and degree. 

These courses mark the start of a large-scale roll-out of various short courses aimed at empowering young adults and students that have just completed their schooling, which will fill the gap between the students’ current skill set and the 4IR skills required in the workplace.