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Have you seen our new Inspire Campus, packed with lesson plans and courses for teachers to use in their everyday subjects and for specialised choice subjects?

At Inspire Africa, we have a team of teachers creating content for teachers.  Our content team consists of educators who are experienced in all the STEAM subjects, including 3D modelling and coding.

In 2023 we have launched our Inspire Campus to all schools, with the major focus being on providing resources and support for our listed schools.  We realise that some educators are not experts in the field of technology and we understand  the pressure, lack of time and demand that teachers experience every day.  Resource creation takes time and energy, especially if an educator is not an expert in the field of the subject taught – or has not yet been exposed to the power of teaching with technology.

Recognising the need to expose our learners to include more technology and Inquiry-Based Learning in the classroom, the Inspire Campus offers a variety of lessons for all subjects.  We believe that technology, including drones, 3D modelling, Robotics and Digital Literacy should not just be taught as a co-curricular subject or in IT, but can be integrated into the core curriculum.

View our Inspire Campus as a guest.

We are also very proud to announce the launch of the following:

    • Over 100 new lesson plans.

    • 24 STEAM courses.

    • Drone-based IBL projects for both primary and high school.

    • Subject-specific lesson plan for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

    • 3D modelling courses.

    • Micro:bit robotics courses.

    • Block Coding courses.

    • Text-based coding course.

    • Drone-based Agricultural Sciences courses.

CAPS aligned Coding and Robotics courses.

The Inspire Coding and Robotics curriculum considers the strands set by the Department of Basic Education. the curriculum includes lesson plans, learner worksheets and assessment tasks for each term.  Currently, the Inspire Coding and Robotics curriculum offers a curriculum for Senior Phase learners (Grades 7-9).

Our focus at Inspire Africa, this year is to turn our teacher-facing learning platform to be learner-facing where learners can independently scroll through courses, while the teacher facilitates the learning process.  Furthermore, we will be offering all our courses in both English and Afrikaans.

Our Inquiry-Based Learning projects allow learners to explore driving ideas to code real-life classroom-simulated drone missions.

We are always striving to improve and would enjoy a collaboration opportunity with a pilot school to actively test our new products.

Should your school be interested, please contact Grethe at  In addition – we would love to hear about new ideas and suggestions from our educators.  Please get in touch with us.