Inspire Africa delivers affordable and accessible 4th Industrial Revolution (4iR) technology programmes and curricula to students in Africa – supporting the development of valuable core skills that will position learners for vocational opportunities in our ever-changing career landscape.  Our core focus is on developing STEAM skill sets to achieve this.

In addition to our Inspire S.T.E.A.M. Schools Drone Coding programme which is currently part of STEAM curricula in 25 schools across South Africa, we have opened our channels of learning to offer home based virtual online classes, some are self-teaching, others offer real-time virtual instructor-led classes.
Our aim is to develop STEAM education by delivering content via channels that can be accessed by any parent, child or teacher.  Online and Offline.  In a classroom, home schools or simply as an extra curricula activity that a learner does not want to miss out on.

CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE COURSES HERE for Drones & Coding; 3D Printing or Robotics and IOT.

Inspire Africa is a group on a mission.  “The future of our economy relies greatly on people with STEAM skills.” says Simon Robinson, Founder and CEO.  “Africa haemorrhages cross cultural talent in STEAM disciplines from as early as primary school.  This means that we are not drawing on 100% of our talent pool in STEAM careers, and our economy will suffer from the lack of diversity.”
Why Inspire Africa programmes and curricula?
We are supporting 21st century skills development to improve the chances of lucrative occupational selections and better equip students to create careers in the new future.


Founder & CEO

Simon Robinson

Simon has over two decades international experience in the world of sports marketing, event creation and rights commercialisation delivery, working with some of the world’s pre-eminent companies, rights holders, sport governing bodies and tourism authorities in both emerging and developed markets.

He has spent the last four years in the commercial and non-commercial/ recreational drone industry creating various products and services underpinning the ethos and product development of Inspire Africa Group.

Training and Account Manager

Matthew Brooks

Matthew has been working with drones for the last 7 years. Matthew has trained hundreds of people to code to and fly drones. He has a keen interest and aptitude for anything technical. He has been mastering robotics, drones, 3D printing and other disruptive 4IR technologies since 2010.
He has been working with Simon in the drone industry as an instructor, pilot, product developer and drone designer for the last four years.
Office & CRM Manager

Megan Knott

Megan, with over a decade in events and operations management in tourism and hospitality sectors, manages admin operations keeping the flow of Inspire Africa right where it needs to be; responsible for the growth and maintenance of our CRM programmes, Meg manages our post purchase cycles and oversees client needs.

More about Inspire Africa Group

Since 2016 we have been training students, teachers and executives a multitude of 4iR technology skills along with demystifying their relevance in society and application in various industry sectors.

We are the exclusive licence holder of the DroneBlocks curriculum in Africa.  DroneBlocks is the leading STEAM drone coding programme in the world.

We have successfully implemented our drone coding curriculum, Inspire S.T.E.A.M. into over 65 South African and Namibian schools.

We offer Home and School STEAM learning programmes for ages 10+.

All our programmes and curricula focus on a blended and project-based learning (PBL) learning model whereby each lesson combines theoretical and tangible application of the respective technology.