Inspire Africa – a group on a mission.


Inspire Africa, founded and managed by Simon Robinson, focuses on expanding exposure and experience to 4th Industrial Revolution disruptive technologies in STEAM education, drone industry education and skills development, activations in corporations and product launches, sport events and various other life-style activities.

A key focus of the group is to engineer education in  African schools and tertiary organisations through the use of drone technology with our product Inspire S.T.E.A.M.  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Why is encouraging STEAM in education so important to Africa?

“The future of our economy relies greatly on people with STEAM skills. Africa  haemorrhages cross cultural talent in STEAM disciplines from as early as primary school. This means that we are not drawing on 100% of our talent pool in STEAM careers, and our economy will suffer from the lack of diversity.”  Simon Robinson

Our mission is to facilitate the safe integration of unmanned aerial vehicles within the manned aviation airspace through meaningful and effective educational mediums & commercial and non-commercial services.


We want to get the youth of today excited about drones, drone technology and the aviation industry by providing the opportunity for the youth to learn new skills, and use these skills in their future development and employment.

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