Inspire STEAM Coding and Robotics

Changing STEAM education with 4iR technologies.

Our Inspire STEAM Coding and Robotics curriculum offers students thorough theoretical training and hands-on experience with real-world coding and robotics applications. It also provides comprehensive training for educators, supported by an extensive range of online videos and resources. This curriculum features the micro:bit based Inspire Bot and iSense, 3D modelling, digital citizenship, and various application software to teach block – and text-based coding.

Designed to support teachers, the curriculum includes lesson plans, learner worksheets, assessment options, and additional resources. It is suitable for students from Grade R – 9. Here is an overview of the five strands within the curriculum:

The Five Strands of our Inspire STEAM Coding and Robotics Curriculum

Pattern Recognition and Problem-solving

Identify abstract and geometric patterns contributing to problem solving.

Internet and E-Communication

Promoting Digital Citizenship through introducing online safety and exploring ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Algorithms and Coding

Introduce block coding using Scratch and DroneBlocks, progressing to Python programming for coding and game creation.


Digital hardware basics and application functions, enhancing digital literacy with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Intermediate learners explore 3D modeling, while advanced students learn HTML for website development.

Robotics skills and CAD

Introducing mechanical and electrical engineering systems in robotics while combining the Engineering Design Process and Computational Thinking. It uses the BBC micro:bit and proprietary hardware like the Inpire Bot and iSense for practical learning in mechanics, electronics, and sensors. The Senior Phase includes 3D modeling.

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Curriculum -aligned

Curriculum is aligned to international standards, enhancing the strands set by the Department of Basic Education.

GR R-9

Content aimed at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase.

Assessment Strategy

Each term includes a practical or a formal assessment task, as well as assessment tools.

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