Privacy Policy

1.    Introduction

  • Inspire Africa is a private company established and duly registered in accordance with the company laws of the Republic of South Africa.
  • In terms of a law known as the Protection of Personal Information 4 of 2013, (POPIA) everyone has the right to privacy, including the right to the lawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of one’s Personal Information.
  • In order to give effect to this right, Inspire Africa is under a duty to provide any person whose personal information is processed by it, known as a data subject, with a number of details pertaining to the use of and subsequent processing of the data subject’s personal information, before such information is used or processed.
  • In accordance with this requirement, Inspire Africa sets out below:
  • The reasons why it will be required to process a data subject’s personal information.
  • The conditions under which it will receive and use a data subjects’ personal information.
  • How Inspire Africa will use and handle this personal information, as well as,
  • The conditions under which it will provide its own personal information.

2.    Application

  • This is the privacy policy of Inspire Africa, which is applicable to all Inspire Africa social media and electronic platforms, including websites and or email, whether owned by, established by, used by, hosted by and / or accessed by data subjects, which data subjects include, without detracting from the generality thereof, the Inspire Africa entities, learners, Inspire Africa employees and staff, contractors and service providers and / or other third parties who may access and make use of Inspire Africa social media and electronic platforms.
  • This privacy policy furthermore applies to:
  • The data subjects who may make use of, or access Inspire Africa social media and electronic platforms and all the processing of personal information by Inspire Africa as a result of a data subject making use of, or accessing Inspire Africa social media and electronic platforms except to the extent that a separate POPIA policy has been issued in respect of a specific service or product and related processing activities; and
  • All the personal information which is owned by Inspire Africa and which is provided to any responsible parties and / or operators because of a data subject accessing or making use of Inspire Africa ‘s social media, electronic platforms or Online learning platforms.

3.    Personal Information collected

Personal Details

This information could be collected directly from you through forms when you interact with our Site. It could also be collected directly as research, performed by us, or inferred from your browsing history, as collected by Technical Data.

The data we collect may include:

  1. Name
  2. Country/location
  3. Gender
  4. Purchase history
  5. Contact preferences for marketing purposes
  6. Personal Data (Sensitive/Special Category)
  7. Data collected directly from you through forms, or when you participate with our Site or through our digital marketing campaigns, which are sensitive or special nature are retained in some cases. This will be used with your explicit consent.

Technical Data

Data, other than that collected from our Site, may also be collected. This may include log files, such as browser cookies, as you interact with your Site in order to support your website experience and interactions with us. This information could include data on your IP Address, Location, device identifiers and information on links that you click on or content that you view.

4.    Basis of Information Collection

We conform to laws, rules, and regulations when using your personal data. We may use your personal data in a few situations.

  1. 1 Consent

By participating in our Site, you agree explicitly that we may obtain your data. Your personal details may be collected during your participation with our Site, products, and/or services. When you opt into receiving marketing communications, you provide us with consent to use your personal data. It may also entail the deposit of a website cookie that might collect Technical Data from your device. We only collect Personal Data (Sensitive) with your explicit consent. You consequently also reserve the right to withdraw such consent by contacting us or opting out with a relative unsubscribe link, as described in the Legal Rights section.

4.2 Legitimate Interest

In order to improve our business, we may engage you in a direct marketing where we contact you in the online short learning programme of our mutual business activities or engage you in researching our target audience for marketing campaigns.

4.3 Contractual

Where you have entered into contract with us, we may process your data. When enrolling for an online short learning programme with Inspire Africa, we bilaterally enter a contractual agreement.

4.4 Legal Obligations

Where Inspire Africa is legally obliged to provide such information to another for legal or regulatory purpose, such as a SARS Audit

5.    Duration of Retention

The data context, sensitivity, quantity, risk level for harm if lost or accessed by unauthorised sources, the context and purpose of the data all play a role in the duration of retention.

6.    Disclosure of Information

We may share your personal data with the parties set out below for the purposes outlined above. This may also include storage, for the administration of relevant contracts, the targeting of appropriate advertisements, and for our legal obligations.

These parties can include:

  • Our partner advertising firms who make use of personas for marketing campaign purposes but does not include the distribution and/or use of personal/sensitive data.
  • Website operators for registered user data located within the content management system (CMS) database. (MOODLE)
  • Lawyers, auditors, or insurers who provide consultancy, banking, legal, insurance, and accounting services.
  • Database Providers

We make use of service providers to render functionality such as our Site, the Learning Management System, and the Student Information System. These service providers can be local or international, i.e. in the Republic of South Africa, the United States of America, or the European Union.

7 .     Information quality/openness /data subject participation

  • Whilst Inspire Africa will make all effort to ensure the integrity and accuracy of a data subject’s personal information this may not at all times be possible. Following this, the data subject accepts that the responsibility for keeping its / her or his information up to date and undertakes to inform Inspire Africa of any changes to its/ his or her personal information. This can be done by email or telephone number.
  • A data subject has a right of access to any personal information which Inspire Africa may have and where applicable may ask Inspire Africa to correct any inaccuracies in or to any such personal information. This request must be done by way of a formal PAIA process. Please refer to the Paia manual for more information.
  • A data subject may contact Inspire Africa’s Information Officer via email:
    should it have any questions, complaints or objections regarding the processing of its personal information.

8 .   Security of personal data

  • Inspire Africa makes all reasonable effort to keep its website secure at all times, however advise that it cannot guarantee the security of any information provided to us or by us through the Inspire Africa website, e-mail, internet or social media sites. Inspire Africa cannot be held responsible for any loss or unauthorised use or interception of information transmitted via these sites, such as the internet which is beyond Inspire Africa’s reasonable control.
  • The Inspire Africa website and/or communications sent by Inspire Africa may contain links to other websites outside of Inspire Africa control. Inspire Africa is not responsible for the content, privacy, or security of these other third party controlled websites.
  • Inspire Africa has placed cookies on its website which makes contact with your, the data subject’s device to help make its website better. A data subject may change these cookie settings by declining the cookie pop up on your browser. If not amended or changed Inspire Africa will accept that you are happy that these cookies access and make use of your details.
  • Inspire Africa makes use of social plug-ins of social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Please note that Inspire Africa has no influence on or control over the extent of the data retrieved by the social networks’ interfaces and Inspire Africa can accordingly not be held responsible or liable for any processing or use of personal information transmitted via these social plug-ins. For information on purpose and extent of the data retrieval by the social network concerned, and about the rights and settings possibilities for the protection of your private sphere, please refer to the data protection information provided by the social network in question.
  1. Third party information and that belonging to minors
  • If a data subject provides Inspire Africa with personal information on behalf of another, Inspire Africa will not be able to process the query or request unless such query or request is accompanied with the required permission and consent from the parent or guardian to process the third party’s personal information.
  • If a data subject is under the age of 18, such person’s personal information will only be processed if the minor’s parent or legal guardian gives the required consent or permission to the processing.


  • Contact details

You can contact Inspire Africa in relation to this Privacy Notice by emailing us at or by emailing us:


  • Revision of policies

We reserve the right to and may from time to time update this Privacy Notice. Any such revision will be published as an amended version on our website. Any change to this Notice will be posted as an updated version and readers are advised to visit and re-read this policy on a regular basis.