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Our Inspire STEAM Coding and Robotics curriculum provides students with all the theoretical training they require, along with introducing real-world coding and robotics applications, as well as providing comprehensive training for the educators to teach this course which is supported by our comprehensive range of online videos and resources. Aligned with this curriculum we have our Inspire STEAM Drone Coding Programme which introduces autonomous flight to students along with teaching them the foundations of coding and deciphering skills.

Realising the importance of introducing computational thinking and digital skills in our schools, the Inspire Africa team has developed a curriculum for Grade 7-9 which is CAPS-aligned. By enriching the strands suggested by the Department of Basic Education, we provide a learning experience for both the educator and the learner as they navigate through various topics.

The curriculum aims to support our teachers by providing lesson plans, learners' worksheets, assessment options and additional resources. The curriculum will be released in 2023 and is suitable for Grade 7-9 students. Here is an overview of the four strands within the curriculum.

The Four Strands of our Inspire STEAM Coding and Robotics Curriculum

Internet and E-Communication

Exploring AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), Cyber Security, and Blockchain technology.

Algorithms and Coding

Algorithms and coding using Tello drones while coding on both Block and Text-based languages.

HTML coding and Spreadsheets

HTML and spreadsheets where learners will gain proficiency in Excel and be able to create a website.

Robotics skills and CAD

Exploring the functions and capability of the Inspire Bot (Micro:Bit) and CAD - using applications such as Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

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CAPS-aligned Content

Curriculum is aligned according to the Department of Education’s (DBE) CAPS Coding and Robotics Curriculum.

GR 7-9

Content aimed at Senior Phase, Grades 7-9.

Assessment Strategy

Each term includes a practical or a formal assessment task, as well as assessment tools.

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