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Over the course of the year we have been working very closely with CURRO Holdings to implement our block coding and text-based coding curriculum for their Grade 7 year.  The offer was extended across all CURRO schools, nationally. 

In the Third Term, the focus was on drones and block-based coding and the Grade 7’s studied Air Law and Drone Technology – leading up to students manually flying a Tello Drone through an obstacle course. The curriculum focused on teaching learners block-coding using drones, along with mastering navigation commands, loops, variables and logic.  Students were further challenged to code the drone using 3D coordinates, to perform a classroom-simulated real-life mission – which was to inspect the Sowetan Cooling Towers.  In addition to learning to fly and code on the physical drones, students spent time on the DroneBlocks simulator and the teachers were able to access the lesson plans, learner worksheets and tutorials through our new online Learner Management System (LMS), the Inspire Campus. 

Inspire Africa’s brightly lit customised cooling tower was a highlight feature at the CURRO STEAMD days, hosted by CURRO schools over one week, across the country. 

Being able to see the light-bulb moments as students experience a real-life simulated mission, was my highlight of the CURRO roadshow.  I truly believe that offering students an opportunity to apply what is being learnt in class to real-life applications, enables them to make sense of the textbook.  It promotes retention of content learnt in class and develops forward-thinking young individuals. 

Grethe Robinson – Inspire Africa representative at the CURRO STEAMD days. 

In the Fourth Term, students were introduced to text-based coding – Python Programming.  The curriculum took learners on a coding journey, focussing on arithmetic calculations, data types, variables, booleans and operators – culminating in learners being able to code a simple two-dimensional game. 

Our Learning Experience Team, comprising ex-teachers and curriculum designers, hosted several webinars for the Curro teachers, providing training and guidance for the educators.  Our virtual and face-to-face training sessions include training on the Inspire Campus, touching on the theory and content covered in the lessons and practical activities, equipping the educators with the confidence and skills to facilitate the lessons, regardless of their coding and technology skills and experience.

Our Learning Experience Team together with the Account Management Team strives to continuously support all educators in our schools, from the initial onboarding onto the Inspire Campus through to customising the LMS to suit the school’s specific  needs.