Coding and Robotics Career Path

Are you considering a career in robotics? You've come to the right place! Start as early as age eleven and embark on a lifetime of exciting opportunities.

This career path is designed to give students an early introduction to the fascinating world of robotics.  Begin with basic block coding using drones and gradually advance to complex Python and JavaScript programming with the Go1 quadruped robot.  The learning journey utilises simulators for practice, but students can also purchase various hardware components for a more hands-on and enriching experience.  The courses are structured progressively to ensure a steady build-up of knowledge and skills.

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Course 1: The Drone Blocks Simulator

The simulator provides a virtual drone that acts very similar to drone in the real world. (Age 11 and up.)
Course 2: Introduction to Tello Drone Programming
This course will introduce students to fundamental programming concepts and demonstrate autonomous flight with drones. (Age 11 and up.)
Course 3: Advanced Tello Programming with DroneBlocks


This series of lessons will take you through creating nested loops, custom variables, curved flight, and much more. (Age 11 and up.)
Course 4: Simulator 2.0 – Welcome to Mars
This series has amazing STEAM-filled lessons covering some very cool programming concepts, challenges for students and even bits of info about Mars peppered in. (Age 11 and up.)
Course 5: Simulator 2.0 – Egyptian Expedition
Channel your inner ‘Indiana Jones’ as you code your way through Pyramids, Sundials, and Hieroglyphics in a virtual Egypt environment. (Age 11 and up.)
Course 6: GeoGebra meets DroneBlocks
Merge GeoGebra and the DroneBlocks simulator to code and graph various shapes. (Age 12 and up.)
Course 7: Tello Block Coding – Math Edition
You will be using the DroneBlocks to solve "real world" drone scenarios. Your instructor will guide you through solving math word-problems with drone coding knowledge. (Age 12 and up.)
Course 8: Python In 14 Days
Learn how to code in python through real world applications. (Age 13 and up.)
Course 9: Introduction to JavaScript Programming
Go beyond block programming and learn the fundamentals of JavaScript. (Age 14 and up.)
Course 10: Go1 Low-Level Simulation
This course offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the intricacies of simulating low-level control systems for quadruped robots, with a special focus on the Unitree Go1. (Age 15 and up.)
Bonus course: Go1 Low-Level Motor Control
This course introduces motor control for the Go1 quadruped. It covers the compilation and execution of the Go1 SDK. (Age 15 and up.)