Inspire Accredited Schools Refresher Training

This page is exclusively for Inspire Accredited school educators. We urge all Inspire Educators to register for their mandatory coding and robotics for Inspire accredited schools training sessions on coding and robotics. These sessions encompass the curriculum currently being taught to your students, including coding, robotics, drones, and 3D printing.

Attention to all educators from Inspire-accredited schools! This page is dedicated to you. We aim to equip you with essential tools and knowledge to thrive in your educational roles. It is imperative that all educators involved in Inspire Programmes participate in our mandatory refresher coding and robotics training sessions.

These training sessions are tailored to deliver comprehensive knowledge and practical skills that align seamlessly with what you are teaching in your classrooms. Whether it’s mastering the basics of coding, delving into advanced robotics, exploring drone technology, or understanding the nuances of 3D printing, our training encompasses a broad spectrum.

By joining the refresher coding and robotics training, you will not only boost your expertise in these critical areas but also acquire valuable resources and strategies to engage and inspire your students effectively. Let’s journey together towards innovation and educational excellence!

Note: These refresher coding and robotics training sessions are only open to educators from schools that are currently onboard with the Inspire Programmes and are onboarded onto the Inspire Campus.