Inspire Drone Competency Practical

R 1,200

Following the completion of the Inspire Drone Competency Course students can enrol for a practical session taking what has been learned to the next level.  Students can bring their own drone, or make use of the  DJI Tello’s from Inspire Africa.

The practical includes drone setup and basic and advanced flying skills.  Students need no prior drone flying experience to attend this course.

Practical training takes place in a large indoor venue to ensure that all SACAA regulations are followed.  This course is only available in Gauteng and Cape Town with a minimum of 8 students per session.


  • Completion of the Inspire Drone Competency Course.

What’s included:

  • One three-hour practical session covering:
    • Hardware & Drone Care
    • Getting Set Up
    • Drone Controls
    • Flight practice
  • A certificate upon completion.
  • Age appropriate: 15 years and older

Dates and times:

  • Saturday mornings 09:00 – 12:00
  • Next course date: 2023/06/30


Inspire Africa has developed a drone flying course which is intended to equip new drone owners with the skills and competence to fly a drone safely and confidently.

Recreational drone users will receive practical training to increasing their knowledge and skill in flying a drone safely and responsibly. Training is conducted indoors in a safe environment, allowing students the opportunity to gain hands-on practical flight experience.


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