(i)RL - Inspire In Real Life

Changing STEAM education with 4iR technologies and Project or Problem-based learning

STEAM education forms the future of education and inspires the youth to develop 21st-century skills; for employment opportunities that might not even exist yet. As teacher’s, we are the revolutionaries to become this inspiration and require some extra tools to help on the journey. Using the Inspire Africa (i)RL package, we hope to help provide these tools.

The missions are interdisciplinary and make real-world connections to the curriculum topics they cover.

(i)RL can be used as consolidation projects at the end of topics covered in the curriculum. The mission can be simplified or made more challenging to suit the educator and learners’ coding ability.


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Real-World Relevance

These Project-Based Learning (PBL) challenges are real life drone application missions.

GR 4-9

Content aimed at Senior Phase, Grades 4-9.

Assessment Strategy

Each term includes a practical or a formal assessment task, as well as assessment tools.

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Our content is curated by teachers, and they try to address any concerns that could arise in the classroom!

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