Dune Buggy

This build robot helps to teach the foundational skills of robotics including simple circuits, motors, machinery, and engineering. Students can use motors, wires, and all the attached parts to build an electronic product with their own hands. The robot includes the attachment of an expansion board and micro:bit which will power the DC motors of the Dune Buggy and make it codable.

Suitable for Intermediate phase. (Level 4-6).

The hardware item features in the Inspire Core Coding and Robotics Curriculum.

The Dune Buggy kit is designed for children and includes a detailed scientific instruction manual that guides them through the process of building the buggy on their own. Additionally, it features an expansion board that can hold and power a BBC micro:bit.

When attached to the Dune Buggy, this expansion board transforms it into a programmable robot. Using the BBC micro, learners can code the Dune Buggy to move forward and backward, enhancing their understanding of robotics and coding in a hands-on interactive way.

Kit Content

  • BBC micro:bit
  • Expansion board
  • Lithium Ion battery
  • Battery charger
  • Car body
  • Belt
  • Gear shaft
  • Axle
  • Motor
  • Motor bracket
  • Small gears
  • Screws and screwdriver
  • Wheels
  • Brackets
  • Pulleys