We use the best coding platform to make drone operation fun, easy and useful; coding to teach learners and students just how awesome drones are.

  • Extremely lightweight: This incredibly small drone fits in your palm and only weighs approximately 80g (propellers and battery included). However, its durable design combined with DJI’s flight technologies ensure that you can always fly with confidence. Just grab it from your bag and have fun.
  • Safe to fly indoors: Tello is super safe with its software and hardware protections. With a single tap, it can takeoff/land automatically; its vision positioning system facilitates precise hovering; when the battery gets low, alerts will go off. Moreover, even if you lose the connection, the Tello can still land safely thanks to its failsafe protection.
  • 13 min flight time: Tello’s high-capacity battery offers an impressively long flight time, giving it one of the longest flight times in the mini-drone category.
  • Programmable: You can learn the basics of programming while having fun. By using Droneblocks or Python coding system, you will be able to program your own flight patterns with the Tello. If you’re a more advanced user, you can use the Tello SDK to develop software applications. You will find Tello the smallest yet smartest drone you’ll ever fly.