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This October Dads, Moms, Sons and Daughters, friends, family and you, can take to skies in a one-hour fun and educational drone building, coding and flying workshop in Cape Town at Open Design Afrika at the Castle of Good Hope. Cost per person R150,00. Book the 19th or 20th of October in your calendar for a festival of innovative tech fun.

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Our Inspire S.T.E.A.M. drone tech workshop is guaranteed to excite and entertain.  Build. Code. Fly.

Our workshop

Groups of 8 people will have one hour where its all about the drones, some of the most exciting tech today.

Build. Code. Fly. Inspire STEAM.
  • 10am – 11.00am
  • 11.30am – 12.30pm
  • 1.00pm – 2.00pm

Time slots for 19 and 20th October 2019


Drone Building and Technology (20 minutes)

Drone Coding (20 min)

Flight Training (20 min)

In the Drone Technology and Build, you will learn about this powerful technology in a hands-on breakdown of a drone and then learn how this technology allows drones to be so capable. Once you have an understanding of what makes a drone fly, you will be given the opportunity to build a basic drone and have it test flown.

In the Drone Coding station, you will learn how to code our Tello drones to fly autonomously. Here you learn a couple of very basic coding principles and see their coding animate a drone to fly autonomously. The coding will be done on our Droneblocks software that allows one to program the drone though an easy to use and understand interface with a Python back-end.

At the Flight Training station, you start off with learning the basics of flying a drone. First you learn to take off, hover and land and then eventually move on to more complicated flight manoeuvres like figure 8’s and box circuits. Our smart drones are extremely stable and reliable and have long flight times. This gives you the advantage of being able to learn the basics without the frustrations that come with inferior drone technology.

One hour will never be this much fun! Come and join us and experience the world of drone technology and flying at one of Cape Town’s most dynamic design and innovation events.

The Open Design Afrika Festival brings concepts of innovation, education and community together. The 10-day programme takes place in October in different communities and venues across the City of Cape Town creating cross-cultural and cross-sector experiences that inspire social cohesion and nation building. The festival programme is curated to feature events and experiences that are relevant for people from all walks of life who want to experience, learn new skills and more about the possibilities and opportunities to get involved and help drive change in our society and diverse communities.Since its inception in 2013 Open Design has hosted 523 events. This includes over 100 education related events; 111 workshops and master classes to improve skills; 159 talks featuring 795 local and international change-makers, innovators and entrepreneurs; 53 exhibitions; 150 networking events and has supported and showcased more than 300 small, medium and micro-enterprises. 


Join us in innovating our Africa.

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