Drone Racing Parties

If your child is so over clowns, face painting balloon animals and paint-ball but loves games and technology, your party solution has arrived. Your tech kid’s dream party where everyone gets to learn how to fly a drone, then race a drone, play hide and seek with a drone and even better, using First Person View (FPV) they will fly in the cockpit of a racing drone and take to tech skies for the ride of their lives.

Our drone birthday parties are

fun,  interactive and memorable.

With our experienced and licenced drone instructors and operators

the kids will return home with memories of a birthday party to


Experiences typically last between 2 and 4 hours depending on the

age of the children and your specific party requirements.

We work around lunch, cake and any other activities you have

planned to ensure this experience is the perfect addition to your day.

Your age-specific 2 – 4 hour experience includes:


  • An introduction to the world of drones
  • Party / Day Plan
  • The rules


A brief overview of how to operate a drone prior to flying them and how to fly a drone safely and responsibly.


Inspire Africa instructors focus on:

  • Take-off / landing
  • Hovering
  • Forward flight
  • Nose in vs. nose out
  • Circuits


A high-speed racing drone takes to the skies. Kids get the chance to experience FPV (First Person View) wearing VR goggles as our drone racing pilots fly at up to speeds of 200km/h.


A series of challenges to test new drone skills:

  • Relay racing
  • Blindfold challenge
  • Precision flying challenge


The new pilots enjoy a game of hide and seek. A ‘safe drone’ with obstacle avoidance is used to find the kids – it is hide and seek with a drone. The seekers will use the drone (piloted by an experienced drone pilot) for assistance.

We look forward to designing your party package with you. Over and out.