Events & Activations

Inspire Africa will turn your product launches into memorable events driving new heights in brand recall and product experience.

We understand client requirements and deliver a bespoke activation solution enabling both the client’s marketing and business objectives to be met. You can expect a high level of professionalism from our team when interacting with the public as we deliver an educational experience that promotes a fun activity, but also aligns with promoting the brand & products of companies we service.  Active (R)Evolution.

Great examples of product activations and advertising using drones.

Corporate Team Building and Events

Inspire Africa uses the innovation of drone technology and other 4th Industrial Revolution disruptive technologies that drive the future and that of the drone industry to offer individuals the opportunity to engage their experience of S.T.E.A.M. through education and in businesses.

Corporate team building and events with a STEAM twist.

Inspire Africa offers an educational and interactive activation that engages audiences helping them in understanding the drone technology industry sector and the applications of these emerging commercial applications.

Understanding the difference between commercial drone operations and recreational drone usage is crucial to unlocking the industry’s potential and relevance in our society.

With our unique team building experience, we combine technology and human resource objectives to open up a world of opportunity for creative business innovation through drone technology, FPV (First Person View) and VR (Virtual reality).

Inspire Africa uses a dynamic and interactive approach to fully demonstrate the power of drone technology and its commercial role within a variety of industries, represented through physical interaction as well as mental stimulation with drone simulation, facilitation of educational talks with audiences of all sizes, as well as physical interaction with beginner level drones.

We manage a fleet of recreational drones that we use to educate clients of all ages (minimum age 8) so both the theoretical and practical aspect of understanding drones is achieved.

All of our educational material is based on current market developments regarding legislation, operational requirements and limitations and relevant industry application.  Being mobile in nature allows us to offer our educational service on a large geographical scope, and we have the ability to understand client requirements and formulate a tailored package so both client business and marketing objectives are met while keeping costs down.

Program Objectives

  • During an event, we strive to deepen the knowledge on the potential and application of drones and the growth of the UAV industry
  • Allow delegates to experience first person view (FPV) drone flight
  • Allow delegates to experience line of sight (LOS) drone flight
  • Have a fun, engaging and productive event

We create a team building experience tailored to your required HR, marketing and business objectives from a simple drone zone for 20 people to a fully interactive drone experience for large conferences, exhibitions and shows, and the activation can include the following:

  • The interactive Drone Zone
  • The Build. Fly. Relay. Challenge
  • The Blindfold Challenge
  • Follow the Leader Challenge
  • Code. Fly. Challenge
  • FPV racing drone demonstration
  • Drone Racing

Sports And Events

Commercial and non-commercial drone operations at sport and live events create interesting and unique vantage points.

Inspire Africa offers focused marketing and communications, commercial partner and sponsorship acquisition with sports rights management and event creation and management. Through leveraging the commercial and promoter rights of local and international sports and entertainment properties, Inspire Africa maximizes the value of the assets for the respective stake holders.

Sports Marketing and Event management that delivers tangible brand and business results.

Today we see drones adding that something really special at live events and concerts, in extreme sports like surfing and mountain biking, cricket and football matches, equestrian sports and motorsports, to name a few.
Turn your event on its head and grab the advantage with vantage.